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Alishba Imran

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Innovator with a passion for technology & social impact.

I'm a machine learning, robotics and blockchain developer/researcher.

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  • At age 14, I co-founded Honestblocks, a blockchain platform to track medication and put an end to counterfeit medication in supply chain systems for 2 million people in rural India. This platform was eventually integrated into IBM Blockchain.
  • In the past, I've also interned with TD Bank and CIBC where I developed a new product to securely allow clients to store their personal and financial data.
  • Worked as a developer at startups such as Pngme, Vestergaard and consulted for companies like Wealthsimple, Walmart & Kidogo on their largest business problems.
  • I've spoken on global stages such as Mobile World Congress, TEDXUW, CES and more to educate and mentor others through my work.

  • ⛓️Working on Voltx - a machine learning software to accelerate the testing of energy storage devices from 3 months to 3 days. We're currently conducting pilots with companies including manufacturers of batteries/supercapacitors 🔋covering supercapacitor markets in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • 👩‍💻A developer at Hanson Robotics where I'm helping build out Sophia 2020 🤖and improving sensing, grasping/gripping of their robotic hands through various deep learning techniques.
  • Building a cheaper prosthetic arm material, design and algorithm to automote hand manipulation of medical assistive devices. This research is funded by the Masason Foundation and the results will be published 📄alongside San Jose State University in early 2021 at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition and opensourced online.
  • Incoming program Success Intern at The Knowledge Society. I'll be conducting analysis and developing a strategy to measure success for TKS’s olympic level training programs for 13-17 year olds in Boston, Ottawa, Las Vegas, NY, and Toronto.

Featured Projects

Artificial Intelligence

Voltx: Accelerated Testing Software

I'm the co-founder and developer of Voltx, a machine learning software that can reduce testing time of supercapacitors and batteries from 3 months to 3 days.


Research Paper: A Neuro-Symbolic Humanlike Arm Controller for Sophia the Robot

I'm a developer at Hanson Robotics, where I'm helping them develop a toolkit for the Sophia 2020 platform. I'm developing a novel hand design and RL/Vision based approachs to improve hand manipulation.


Neurips: GVF and GG-CNN Control System for Prosthetics

I recently presented a poster at Neurips in collaboration with WiML about my work with San Jose State University using GVF and GG-CNN to improve prosthetic hand control for grasping and multi-joint control.

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